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Øyvind Gjerløw


Øyvind is from Svolvær, Lofoten in northern Norway. He studies electric bass at Musikkkonservatoriet (the Conservatory of Music) in Tromsø.


Øyvind will obtain his bachelor degree in 2019 and plans to pursue a career as a freelance artist after obtaining his degree.


According to himself, Øyvind comes from a non-musical family. Despite this, he managed to end up playing guitar at the School of Culture at the age of 14, but later decided to switch to bass. 


Øyvind also plays the double bass, and has performed within several genres and styles and at several arenas. He has played with Tromsø Big Band since spring 2018, with the indie rock band Neon Apartments, with the soul/blues/gospel artist Birri, and is now a part of the band Habaneroz.


Øyvind loves to compose music, and aims at performing self-produced shows in the near future.


Since Øyvind moved to Tromsø, he has participated in several events, such as Gatefesten 2018, the Tromsø Student Revue, Rock Against Drugs, Årsteinøya festival, Elijazzen and Sørøyrocken with bands mentioned above. In addition to this, he has toured with Neon Apartments to the Belemor Boogie Festival in Archangelsh, northern Russia. 


Øyvind strives to be a versatile musician, and enjoys playing all kinds of genres.


Øyvind has several sources of musical inspiration: D'Angelo, Weather Report, Motorpsycho and Marius Neset, in addition to other types of music within fusion, jazz and neo soul.

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