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Øyvind Venås


Øyvind was born and raised in Tingvoll municipality in Nord-Møre.He studied music in Molde, Levanger and Trondheim, and is currently studying at Tromsø Conservatory of Music (Musikkonservatoriet). Øyvind started his musical career playing bass, guitar and piano, and has developed a growing interest for percussions over the years.

He has composed music, and was given the honourable task to compose the theme music for the University of Tromsø in connection to the university's 50th anniversary.

Øyvind joined Habaneroz through a slightly random event:

After a strong clash with a Danish exchange student at a football event, Øyvind and a fellow student were driven to the emergency by two of the band members, Vidar and Johannes. After six smooth stitches above the left eyebrow and with several metres of bandages wrapped around his head, he was asked if he knew any flamenco rhythms. He definitely knew his rhythms, and so he became a member of the of the flamenco band who's names derives from a super spicy pepper.

Øyvind listens to music mostly within the soul, funk and pop genres, and Stevie Wonder is amongst his favourite artists. 

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